The Center for Restoration Studies is a repository of books, archival materials (cabinets and boxes of file folders, papers, audio/video cassettes etc.) and artifacts connected with the Stone-Campbell Restoration Movement. These items are referenced in our Collections Database. We plan to place a scanned image of every item in the collection online - some items already have a scanned image online.

Although the CRS contains a rich collection of nineteenth-century materials, the chief focus is on Churches of Christ, especially their twentieth-century development.

The collection is housed in Abilene Christian University's Brown Library adjacent to the Special Collections Department. Douglas Foster is Director, Craig Churchill is Archivist. Also involved in Center activities is Dr. Carisse Berryhill, Director of Special Collections.

The Center for Restoration Studies (CRS) stands as a treasure trove of knowledge, preserving the legacy of the Stone-Campbell Restoration Movement. As a repository of meticulously cataloged books, archival materials, and cherished artifacts, the CRS serves as a beacon of historical understanding. Within its walls lie cabinets filled with file folders, papers, audio/video cassettes, and more, each carefully curated to chronicle the movement's profound impact on religious thought and practice.

The heart of the CRS beats in harmony with the vibrant history of the Churches of Christ, with a special emphasis on their development throughout the twentieth century. While the collection boasts a wealth of nineteenth-century materials, it is the unfolding narrative of the Churches of Christ that takes center stage. This dynamic perspective traces the growth, challenges, and triumphs of this influential religious movement, captivating scholars, students, and enthusiasts alike.

Driven by an unwavering commitment to accessibility and preservation, the CRS sets its sights on the future. As part of its visionary plan, the Center endeavors to make every item in its collection digitally available, ensuring widespread access to this invaluable wealth of knowledge. With ongoing efforts to scan and upload each artifact, researchers from around the globe can immerse themselves in this unique historical tapestry, discovering new insights and unraveling the intricate threads that weave together the story of the Restoration Movement.

The CRS finds its home within the esteemed Brown Library at Abilene Christian University, nestled alongside the Special Collections Department. Guided by esteemed scholars and passionate curators, including Director Douglas Foster, Archivist Craig Churchill, and Dr. Carisse Berryhill, Director of Special Collections, the Center for Restoration Studies remains committed to illuminating the past, inspiring the present, and shaping the future of religious scholarship.