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To Kill a Zombie:
The Year I Came Back to Life - and Why

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David W. Pierce

ISBN 978-0-89112-267-8

240 pg


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Men need to feel alive! With the onslaught of responsibilities, it is easy to forget to experience all that life has to offer. TO KILL A ZOMBIE shows how one man was reborn by jumping in feet first.

Most zombies aren't aware that they are zombies. David Pierce heard it first from his wife: "You just seem dead," she told him. "Checked out, lifeless . . . a zombie." David took this as a challenge. He had to kill the zombie and come back to life--he had to connect with people and his faith in ways he never had before.

TO KILL A ZOMBIE is a collection of stories where one man is intentional about connecting with his fellow human beings. David actively lives the commandments to love God and others. He goes to a star-gazing party at a local university, volunteers for Habitat for Humanity, engages in a conversation with a Los Angeles gang member, goes SCUBA diving with his "fist full of men," and climbs a mountain with all new friends--all for the sake of feeling alive.

About the Author

David W. Pierce was born in Nashville, Tennessee and has lived in Tennessee his whole life. He has a master's degree in English from Middle Tennessee State University, where he has also been an adjunct English professor since 1998. He has also taught at Western Kentucky University and Taylor University in Fort Wayne, Indiana, where he taught a course in mystery writing. He currently teaches at MTSU and Motlow State Community College in middle Tennessee.

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